Orphan Brigade
General information

Pierce McDowell


Cypra Mundi

Historical information

3075 AD


3076 AD

Other information

The Orphan Brigade was formed from survivors of the Shammatan assault on Cypra Mundi during the Second League War. 600 children survived the initial onslaught, and formed a resistance movement. When the Shammatans were ousted by the Calandrians a year later, only 200 remained alive. They formed the Orphan Brigade, and recruited more survivors. They then sold their services to the Calandrians, who used them as a planetary defense force on Cypra Mundi for the remainder of the war. Since then the Brigade has taken any mission which pits them against their hated foes, the Shammatans. They are currently back on Cypra Mundi for restocking and recruiting.

The Orphan Brigade consists of 7 companies - roughly 700 - of veteran armoured infantry.

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