Orulia's Legion
General Information
Notable Members
  • Orulia I (commander)
  • Senior Imperial General Itask


Historical Information
Founding Date



2020, upon the death of Orulia I

Other Information
Military Branch

Urilian Imperial Guard

  • Elite shock troops
Exodus Information

Orulia's Legion, occasionally called Orulia's Own, was the generic term for the elite shock troops that often accompanied Emperor Orulia I while on campaign against the enemies of the Urilian Empire. At the time of Orulia's death in 2020, the men of Orulia's Legion were among the most experienced and battle-hardened troops in the Urilian Empire, and they are often listed as contenders for the best troops in galactic history.

Though not the name of a formal unit, Orulia's Legion was a part of the Imperial Guard, chiefly the men under Senior Imperial General Itask.

Orulia's Legion participated in nearly every major battle and campaign during Orulia's rule as Emperor, including the conquest of the Taiidan Republic and the Galactic Consortium, as well as the famed Battle of Bakaan, where Orulia himself spearheaded the battle against the planet's hostile and dangerous native species.

Upon Orulia's early death in 2020, Orulia's Legion - though not a formal military unit - ceased to exist, with Hasdrada II (Orulia's young son) treating the Imperial Guard as one single unified force.


The massive combat record of the men of Orulia's Legion, as well as the prestige of being so closely associated with one of the most famous of the Urilian Emperors, makes the Legion one of the most well-known combat units in galactic history. Commonly cited for their bravery, skill in combat, and undying loyalty to their Emperor, they have often been listed among the best troops in recorded history.

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