Oscillaspinon is an elementary particle, which mediates the Spin interaction.


Oscillaspinon is both a fermion and a boson. It has a dynamic spin that oscillates between 1/2 and 3/2 with a period of 1.124x10-36 s, a mass of 41.2 GeV and a supercharge which depends on its current spin. Its antiparticle, antioscillaspinon, also has a dynamics spin of the same range but of opposite sign. Under different flow rates of time, the period of oscillation can be changed and result in the oscillaspinon to carry more or less bosonic character. Oscillaspinon decays into mions and antimions in 1.358x10-18 s. Oscillaspinon can be changed into its antiparticle and vise versa by applying a magenic field.

In universes where spin is static such as the standard universe, oscillaspinon has a spin of 1/2 and its antiparticle, -1/2

Spin interaction and supersymmetry

Oscillaspinon is one of the particles that participates in supersymmetry, as it can change the value of spin of the particles, hence converting bosons into fermions and vise versa. As the spin and the supercharge of the oscillaspinon oscillates between a certain range, it can also convert one type of boson or fermions to another.

A photon interacted with oscillaspinon can have the below 3 outcomes, depending on the current spin of the oscillaspinon.

sfinal = 1 + 1/2 = 3/2

sfinal = 1 + 1 = 2

sfinal = 1 + 3/2 = 5/2

The interaction with an antioscillaspinon is identical except with - instead of +.

The above example illustrate how a photon become fermionic after the spin interaction

Supersymmetric particles in universes where spin can be dynamic can be produced this way besides the mechanism mentioned in supersymmetric theory.

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