The overseer is a high-ranking Ilaen caste whose main purpose is to extend the Valkazar's telepathy to the rest of the Ilaen.


Overseers were created from Valkazar's own genetic material, modifying the sequences with the intention of creating large brains to amplify psychic emanations. Physically, overseers are five foot tall humanoids with atrophied legs and gas-filled siphons on their backs for lift and movement. They have proportionally large heads, which hold large brains.

Behavior and skills

Overseers possess psionic abilities. They exhibit great telepathic abilities of their own, and are able to summon powerful energy spheres for attack.

Overseers are used to coordinate the lower castes, telepathically ordering them around based on Valkazar's orders. Despite their subservience to Valkazar, they are independent beings who can act under their own discretion; displaying complex problem solving and learning capabilities. Ultimately, the overseers are unable to resist their leader's commands.

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