Mr. Oz
Name Mr. Oz
Alias(es) "Mr. Oz"


Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) "The Wake"
Introduced In "The Wake"

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Oz (More commonly refered to as "Mr. Oz") is an apparition caused by the unstable state of 's mind during the length of the Dark Place. He appears to be a doppleganger of Ozwald James, though in his younger more successful years but acts as if he is senile and insane. He is "killed" after Adam takes a set of pills he finds in his old locker, thus stablizing his mind.


Though being an apparition caused by schziophrenia of Adam, Oz builds a very convincing backstory.

Claiming to be an old co-worker of Adams back when he was working on a project known as "The Particle Separation Engine ", it is revealed that due to the high levels of stress and demand that Adam contracted schziophrena during this experiment and thus gave life to "Oz" around that time.

Though he also claims to have been there helping Adam through his psychitric meetings with Dr. Roman, Adam continually claims to have never seen or heard of him before.

He seemingly disappears after causing Adam to become enraged and topple off a damaged walkway to Floor Zero, and doesn't return until Adam returns to the facilty through a barely active elevator.

As time wears on, Oz's story continues to unravel. Claiming to have been an employee for only a few months before "The Event", even though he mentions taking part in experiments years before it.

He disappears in the ruins of the "Solar Omni-eLectic" System, as the medicine kicks in telling Adam he doesn't need him anymore.

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