Floating city

Pacifica Island is a floating island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

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Political information
Type of government

Corporate democracy

Founding document

Proposed in 2015


Signed in 2037

Head of State

Premier of the Pacifica Island Republic

Head of Government

Premier of the Pacifica Island Republic


Provost Marshal (By contract of Vidian Corporation)

De facto leader

Founder of Pacifica Island

Executive branch

Board of Directors of Pacifica Island

Legislative branch

Shareholders in Pacifica Island

Judicial branch

None (Offshore tax haven)

Societal information

Pacifica Island

Official language

English, Spanish, Chinese, Polynesian, various


Amero, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, various

State religious body


Historical information
Formed from


Date of establishment


Date of restoration

2065 (30 year anniversary retrofit)

The Pacifica Island Republic is an artificially-created floating island and micronation located 270 miles from the western shores of North America in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The nation practices the act of seasteading. [1]


Vidian Corporation jr. executive Vikram Salam proposed the idea to Chairman Oakley in 2015, the project was seriously considered funded by 2025 and took over 10 years to construct and complete, it was known initially as Vidian Sealand. In 2035, the artificial island chain was opened to the public (mostly rich) as Pacifica. In 2037, Pacifica declared itself an independent nation. In 2065, after a 5-year renovation, the island republic celebrated 30 years of activity. Chairman Oakley lived for 30 years after the initial proposal, a tomb incased with his ashes was built and erected in his honor in 2047.

It became a hotbed of scandal for harboring a known fellon in 2065 which led to the assassination of the 4th Premier of the Pacifica Island Republic, the shareholders of Pacifica Island voted to "not be a safe haven for tax fraud and other criminal ilk."


Initially, the government was a non-elected group that appointed a "Premier" to administrate the island chain. After, its declaration in 2037, a Constitution mandated that to maintain a democracy, an elected leader would need to be set in place. The Premier serves one seven-year term.

  1. (2038-2045): Chairman Oakley
  2. (2045-2052): Vikram Salam
  3. (2052-2059):  unknown, medium-influence, celebrates 20 years of govt activity in 2058.
  4. (2059-2065)*: friend of Salam and Oakley, assassinated by unknown due to scandal
  5. (2065-2066): appointed by Salam as interium Premier
  6. (2066-2073): Newly elected Premier term, celebrates 30 years of govt activity in 2068.
  7. (2073-2080): Premier after newest election, celebrates 40 years of govt activity in 2078. 
  8. (2080-2085/2086)*: Last premier of the Pacifica Island Republic, abandoned and sold
  9. (2087-2094): First non-corporate Premier under his leadership Pacifica Island becomes a Burgeois colony for "poor nations" and refuges from Oceania in the wake of the virus of '83. Celebrate 50 years of govt activity in 2088.
  10. (2094-2101): Premier presides over the celebration of 60 years since the founding of Pacifica in 2095 and govt activity in 2098.
  11. ....


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