"None but the emperor may command us!"
—Motto of the Paladin Guard

The Most Holy Militant Order of the Knights of the Paladin Guard was the branch of the Xaronese military responsible for the personal protection of the Holy Xaronese Emperor and other members of the imperial family. The Paladin Guard was known throughout the Teggedon Spiral for its dedication and fanaticism that went above and beyond that of the regular Xaronese military. Unlike other branches of the Xaronese military, the Paladin Guard was a full-fledged monastic organization. Paladin Guardsmen had to take vows of chastity, celibacy, and poverty.


The Paladin Guard actually predated the formation of the Holy Xaronese Empire by four centuries. The Guard was formed in the 4th century BXE by King Kaiserixus the Brilliant of Udrek to consolidate his usurpation of the Udreki throne. The Guard was transformed into its current form by Straxus the Conqueror in 1 XE.

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