Pangaeain Self Defense Fleet
General Information

Pangaea III


Pandemonium, Pandemoniura, Pandemoniuria, Pandemoniuiria, Pangemoniuiriia Galaxies and the other 166 galaxies.

Historical Information
Formed From

Pangaeain Home Front Defense Fleet

Founding Date

25th Eon


34th Eon

Other Information

Galactic Pangaeain Empire, G.E.M Legion Navy and Panageain Self Defense Force Corps

Exodus Information

The Pangaeain Self Defense Fleet is the fleet responsible for the protection and defense of the Galactic Pangaeain Empire, covering 180 galaxies. The Flagship is the G.E.M Legion Protectorate Courtney, the fleet is comprised of 900 quintillion warships, ranging in size from protectorates to frigates. The Pangaeain Self Defense Fleet is the main fleet of the Pangaeain Self Defense Corps as well as Quattuordecillins of fleets that protect each planet in the empire. The Panageain Self Defense Fleet is part of both the Pangaeain Navy and Pangaeain Self Defense Corps, although the P.S.D Fleet is the main navy under the Pangaeain Self Defense Corps. The P.S.D's operations is later expanded to include the EGA and eventually the Citadel.

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