Impossible Programming Enterprises

It is an Impossible Programming Development Software product.
To program is impossible, anyway.

The Parnassus Programming Language is a very good programming language with feature that others language never have had. It is based in the When instruction, that allows to run a procedure in the moment an event happen. It also has a unique programming support to multiple strings of OR and AND logical statements, making the program simplier. It has support to the Hera Virtual Machine.

Hello World Example

 load "output.exe"
 When = True
  call write:string with const "Hello World"

Another example: An application that gets a number from keyboard and it prints a message if the number is 2, 4, 5 or 11.

load "input.exe"
load "output.exe"
When i = 5
 call write:string with const "The number is five"
When = True
 call read:integer to i
 If i = ( 4; or 2; or 1)
  call write:string with const "The number is two, four or eleven"

Note that If the number is five then program will print the first message right after the read method is executed. If in any part of the program i loses its value of 5 and latter i is reassigned to 5, the "When i = 5" method will be executed again right after the reassignment.


This language and the Nothing language are expected to become very used programming languages.

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