Infiltration is the twenty-fourth book of the Morphers.


The Morphers must infiltrate a science fair in order to search for any Organism activity. Can they find the mastermind before it's too late?


The four Morphers are out walking and to their surprise, witness a gun robbery at a bank. The group then use their morphs to pursue the thieves. After a lengthy chase, the Morphers are able to stop them by flattening the van's tyres and later knocks the gang out cold, leaving them to be apprehended by the police. Afterwards, the Morphers return home, exhausted from the whole ordeal, with Rueben contemplating about resuming their normal lives.

That night, Rueben reads up on one of the articles about a science fair online. To his surprise, he finds out that Mr Godfrey, his science teacher is attending as one of the judges there. Rueben contacts the others, and tells them about their plan to protect their science teacher by infiltrating the science fair tomorrow.

The next day, the Morphers fly over to the convention center in crow morph. Once there, Rueben discusses the plan of infiltration. He tells them to choose one insect each and morph. Rueben chooses a fly, Rachel as flea, Nick as a head lice, and Noah as a mosquito. After morphing, the group decides to spy in order to detect any Organism activity. 

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