A personal energy shield is a defensive technology that projects a field of energy that protects the user from electrical, kinetic, cold, heat, and sonic damage. Most are small enough to be worn on a belt or arm.

When activated, the device protects the wearer with a glowing energy field.

As with most deflector systems, shields requires large amounts of energy in the form of energy cells or a portable generator. Some models features rechargeable energy cells. While the generator provides the most efficiency, it is larger and bulkier. The power requirements means that shields tends to be used only when combat is expected.

Another feature of personal shields is ablation, that is, the shield weakens as it absorbs damage until it either is deactivated, fails, or recharged. As the shields absorb energy, they tend to become extremely hot. Due to the limitations of personal deflector shields, they are usually used in tandem with other forms of protection.

The disadvantage of personal energy shields is that they produce radiation and magnetic fields that can be dangerous for sustained use.

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