The Phoenix is an interplanetary spacecraft built by the Solarian Governance Council and the Korbynin Domain, as part of a joint mission of peaceful exploration of interstellar space via the Wormhole Network. Officially, the spacecraft is associated with the Stellar Corps Exploration Fleet. It is the ship that Commander Adrian Winter and his crew serve on as they journey through the wormhole to various systems all over the Milky Way Galaxy. The primary objectives of the Phoenix is to carry out valuable scientific research on potentially habitable planets, the study of scientifically intriguing phenomena and cataloging of celestial objects. A secondary objective includes the scouting for prospective sites for colonial establishment and candidates for terraformation.

The Phoenix is the product of an early 21st century concept which sought to design a viable, long-range, high-efficiency, interplanetary spaceship. It was designed to be self-sufficient for several decades, enabling it to prolong crew life for a protracted mission period. Many years after the Korolev's arrival in Home Star System, the colonists established the Solarian Governance Council in order to instill a sense of law and order in the face of overwhelming evidence to support the destruction of any forms of Solar System government. The Council along with the Korbynin Tichuund joined forces to create the Phoenix. The ship was slowly constructed piece-by-piece in low orbit, using a series of miles-long mass drivers. The latest advancements in aerospace technology, such as the Lander and the Shuttle, were later docked to it. With the reduced capacity of the Council and predominantly underdeveloped technology of the Korbi, the Phoenix took several years to complete.

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