Phoenix Child

Phoenix Child is the alias of Kyle Vivoka.

Kyle was thirteen years old when he first got his powers. He had bright green eyes and light brown hair. He stood about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 100 pounds. He lost weight during his transformation so he could be lighter enabling him to fly. He traditionally wears jeans and a t-shirt, but when he fully accepted being Phoenix child he adopted a light, black-colored sweat jacket, black jeans, and a black T-shirt with flames styled on it. He also wore black gloves. His wings are jet black with intricate orange lines on them.


Kyle Vivoka was an abandoned baby, found and raised by Mary and Harold Vivoka. He grew up with them and their biological son James, who was the same age as Kyle. Kyle never knew that when he was just an embryo, a researcher specializing in biological warfare had obtained Phoenix DNA and grafted it into his body. He was not alone. Hundreds of other kids were subjected to the same thing, but all with different DNA. When the subjects reached a certain age, their powers became active. In Kyle's case, he grew wings and was able to manipulate fire and regenerate. Kyle, frightened of his new abilities, fled his Pennsylvania home before the researchers had caught up to him. When the powers surfaced, these superhumans were brought in and tested If they were deemed adequate, they were held captive until all the superhumans were collected and trained for their army. Phoenix Child was an extremely powerful superhuman, so the researchers naturally had to have him. Kyle went on the run for a few weeks until he met a retired researcher. After Kyle questioned him about his powers, the man told him everything and Kyle, with more knowledge about him and his enemies, went back into hiding.

First Conflict

The Director, who was head of the company that made superhumans, eventually got fed up with waiting for Phoenix Child to be captured. So he took one superhuman by the name of Lewis Wright and ordered him to hunt down and bring back the Phoenix Child. Lewis eventually tracked down Kyle at Yellowstone National Park and attacked him. The two fought for hours, but Lewis, who was older and, being a sonic superhuman, also faster, eventually wore Kyle down. About to deliver the final blow, Lewis suddenly remembered the Directror had told him not to kill Kyle. Seizing the opportunity, Kyle attacked Lewis and burned him. The two then threw beams of energy at each other, causing them to meet in midair. Their powers were too evenly matched, and an explosion ripped across the landscape. Both should've been killed, but thanks to his regenerating ability, Kyle survived, while Lewis didn't. Accepting the fact that he was never going to be normal again, Kyle returned home, much to the delight of his family, though he didn't tell them about his powers.

Second Conflict

Life went well for Kyle for a little while, but trouble soon began again. The Director, enraged that Lewis had failed, decided to send in Hunter, a human hitman who had been hired to capture the creatures for the superhuman project, to kill Phoenix Child instead of recruiting him. He was too dangerous to be kept alive. Hunter attacked Kyle and tried to kill him, but without success. Hunter realized that no one could kill Kyle except Kyle himself. Hunter then began plotting...

Meanwhile Kyle was still trying to live a normal life with little success. He had never been very popular, and now he felt more like an outsider than ever. One day Kyle noticed that one of the girls in his school had been watching him. Her name was Rachel. She was a Phoenix Child like him. Kyle told her they had much to discuss, and she told him that they should meet somewhere. They agreed to meet at the edge of town near the river. Several hours later, Kyle met her at the river. They talked for hours and Kyle realized he might have feelings for her. They had these meetings a few more times, and at the end of the last one, when Kyle was about to leave, she gave him a kiss. Feeling very happy when he returned home, Kyle found his home ransacked with Mary, Harold, and James missing. Kyle immediately flew to Rachel's house but she was missing too. Enraged, Josh flew back to the retired researcher he had encountered a while ago. He told Kyle where to find Hunter and the Director. Kyle knew where he had to go. Everything was in place, and the final battle was about to begin.

Third and Final Conflict

Kyle immediately flew to the Director's hideout, which was in a skyscraper in Philadelphia. He met Hunter, who prepared to combat him. Kyle was so angry that he blasted Hunter through the wall and beat him into submission. Then he walked into the next room with the Director. Kyle's family and Rachel were tied and shackled to the wall behind the Director. Kyle threatened to kill him if he didn't let everyone go. Secretly, he didn't mean it. He would beat someone if he had to but he wouldn't kill anyone. The Director simply laughed and told him that Kyle was wasting his time. He didn't stand a chance against the Director, who, he told a stunned Kyle, said that he was the very first superhuman. He had increased speed, strength, stamina, and intelligence. The Director then produced a glove that had three blades on it that curved over his fist. He put the glove on and charged. He and Kyle fought at each other for a few minutes, but the Director quickly gained the upper hand. He slashed and cut Kyle. Then stabbed him fatally through the chest. Kyle (who had regenerated) tried to get up but the Director held him down. Kyle blasted the Director across the room and healed from the wounds. The Director made like he was to stab him again but Hunter, who had emerged from the previous room, stepped in front and took the attack. Hunter then turned and told Kyle that he, Hunter, was his father. Hunter then rammed into the Director and sent them both crashing through the window, falling to their deaths sixty stories below. Kyle untied everyone and told his parents he would understand if they didn't want him. They told him he was being silly, and that they loved him and still wanted him. Rachel then pulled him aside and told Kyle that she loved him too. Kyle told her the same thing, they kissed and ended their adventures for several years

The Aftermath

Unfortunately, because a lot of people saw Hunter and the Director fall, the superhumans were exposed. After months of debating, the World Leaders decided not to destroy them. Instead they made them migrate to an island a few hundred miles off the coast of California. The World Leaders decided to call it Mythologica, which to some people sounded pretty stupid, but it was appropiate. It became a new country that was about the size of Pennsylvania. Mythologica's President became Kyle Vivoka, and he appeared to represent Mythologica at World Leader meetings. It became like a mini-America, with schools and hospitals and jobs. Everything was peaceful. Sometime later Kyle married Rachel at the age of 30. They had two children: Phoenix Zephyr Vivoka when he was 44 and Elizabeth Mary Vivoka when he was 46. Both are Phoenix Childs.

Powers and Abilities

Phoenix Child had many powers and abilities such as:

  • Because of his wings, he could fly.
  • He could manipulate and control fire.
  • He had an elongated life span.
  • He could regenerate.
  • His body aged slower than his mind. (Ex. When he got married, he looked that of 18 years old.)
  • He could travel instantly by fire.*
  • He could make certain colors of fire that burn hotter, brighter, cooler, etc.*
  • Kyle obtained these powers as he grew older.

Personality and Appearance

Kyle was always a quiet and shy person who tried to do the right thing. He never wanted any trouble, but trouble always found him. Kyle was also a kind and generous person(Most of the time).

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