The Phoenix Project is a massive scale and long-term project, whose goal is to regenerate Earth's ecosystems, which were lost during the 21st century eco-crisis derived from the climate change.


Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA, January 2133. Deforestation gained critical levels by the 2050's. Note the almost non existent glacier in the back

This project was named after the mythological bird, that describes perfectly the aims of this project: reborn of life from ashes.

By 2150, only small animals (rats, arthropods, wolfs, antelopes, etc) survived in the wild and the large extensions of forests were things of the past, only green pockets survived in high and low latitudes (Siberia, Canada, Patagonia, Australia & New Zealand). That year, the UN determined that the human race had the capabilities and technologies to reconstruct the biosphere's ancient glory. Starting from the Eden Project's genes bank, huge and complex factories "manufacture" hundreds of thousands of specimens for reintroduce them into a synthetic forest, made of genetically modified plants that grows in just a tenth of the normal speed (for an oak it takes 6 months to grow instead of 8 years) losing this ability in a few generations to balance the ecosystem. Decontamination of atmosphere has went for decades now, so the project was feasible.

Cruenta humanitas cloning

Animal cloning facility in Brazil

The project also involves the restructuring of atmospheric events, such as the monsoons, the Niño; ocean currents and reborn/restoration of glaciers, rivers and lakes.

By 2190, is said that almost 58% of animal extinct species were living on the wild again, 49% of lost forests, rain forests, jungles and prairies were restored; 26% of coral reefs were reconstructed, 21% of lost lakes and rivers were "refilled" (mainly with storms harvesting), 5% of glaciers were reborn and the progress with the stabilization of continental monsoons was at a fast pace. It is estimated that at least another 50 years are necessary to fully recover Earth's ecosystems.

Some people, specially the Elska Hreinleika terrorist organization sees this project as an aberration to nature.

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