Planet Eldrin (2)

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The planet Eldrin is the fourth planet from the sun in the Trayshal system. There are two moons orbiting Eldrin, Agora and Dith. Eldrin is one of the two planets in the system that contain life. It is home to the Vorxian Species and is a class 1 planet. Eldrin was once home to an avian species called The Shokataw that went extinct due to climate change from meteor collisions. Eldrin is approximately 5 billion years old and is 6.21249×10^24 kg. Eldrin has a mean radius of 6,432.1 km and a circumference of 40,120.02 km with a volume of 2.00341 km cubed. There is an axial tilt of 15.4° with a orbital speed of 53.24 km/s.

The planet is named by Lord Eldrin after himself.

Major Cities

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The Twin Moons

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