Platinum Technology, also known as Platinum Tech, PlatTech, or simply Platinum, is one of the leading producers of weapons, ships, personal gadgets and shields. Their products are of the highest quality, and are often used on the nomadic Clanships. Because of the immense size of the company, it uses it's own army of security forces.


Platinum has manifactured many brilliant devices, such as:


Naturally, the high quallity of the equipment manafactured, Platinum has also has a high amount of thefts or attampted thefts in it's history. the greatist attempt was against the new FRAS suit permutaion, and was planned by the legendary pirate Psir K'paa and executed by his most trusted leuitenant, Lohj M'nor, who took a team of pirates on the shuttle Sentient to raid the Frieghter Opal Ring, the ship carrying the suit. As the Sentient approched the Ring under active camoflauge, the Ring's crew became confused, as thier radar picked up the shuttle, but they couldn't obtain visual contact. The Sentient fired a shot at the airlock, which blasted both the inner and outer doors awway. Fortunately, the ships automatic magnetic field locked in the air. Posistion revealed, the Sentient cut power to the active camoflauge and proceeded with boarding actions. The pirates fought to the acsess hallway, where they met a large force of the security crew, who fought them back to the airlock. The pirates retreated and escaped, but three unconsious members of the boarding party were taken hostage and handed over to Gallactic Law Enforcement.

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