This article is settled on Earth 5.1, a technological and updated version of Earth.

Pluto Resistance Movement is a resistance group of plutonian warriors. They fight against the NWO-planned anti-Pluto agenda. They are ready to do everything to defeat New World Order (NWO) Conspiracy, after NWO declared "Pluto will not be a planet anymore, ha ha ha... it will be an ASTEROID!!!!". NWO and

A plutonian soldier.

its spatial division sent lots of anti-plutonian war-machines to subdue pluto-nationalists as they resisted to lose their planetary category. Plutonian defeated NWO war machines thanks to WRG support and help from the undefeatable General Kader Bard's troops. NWO was upset, and they sent more war machines. Pluto-nationalists fought in Venus and Jupiter, winning both battles. However, they did not destroy Earth as they had many pluto-supporter friends there, and they came back to their bases. NWO tried to destroy Pluto using the Macro-Nuclear weapon. However, a fast counter attack defeated the NWO unit with the Macro-Nuclear weapon. It was followed by Pluto-Earth war.