List of novels, television programs, news reports, etc. dealing with the Votan's.

Novels and short stories

  • 1950: Exile by Martin Fisher. A post apocalyptic novel in which the Earth is destroyed by Atomic War, leading to the Humans being forced to travel with the Votans.

Newspaper articles

  • Articles were published around the world following the arrival of the Votan arks in orbit above Earth.
  • In the New York Times, an article was written about President Truman accepting the most refugees from the arks.
  • In the New York Times, an article was published about Onulu Toruku nearly being killed by John Paul Bullock, a former Ku Klux Klan leader who now claims he works with a group called the Purity Brigade.


  • The Star Trek series mentions the Votans many times. Each of the seven series includes at least one Castithan, Indogene and Irathient.
  • In Family Guy, Cleveland is featured as a Liberata rather than a Black man.
    • In the Family Guy episode Stewie Kills Lois includes a scene where Peter tells Brian about his date after Lois died, who was an Indogene scientist.
  • An episode of The Simpsons called I Married a Votan saw Homer inadvertently marrying a Casithan female and tries to get out of it.
  • Doctor Who is featured in America because of the Police state government of England.


  • 1985: Back to the Future: Several Votan's live in Hill Valley.

New Characters:

    • Alek Tarr: One of Marty McFly's closest friends and a Castithan. He serves as a voice of reason to the group and is seen to be the mayor of Hill Valley in 2015.
    • Cass Ducar: An Irathient and one of Marty McFlys best friends.
  • 2009: Avatar. Dr, Grace Augustine is an Irathient rather than a human and says the purpose of exploring Alpha Centauri's moons was because of Unobtainium and to find clues to the destruction of the Votan homesystem.


  • Roswell: Contact: A documentary recaping the Votans contact with Earth in Roswell.
  • Life in Alien Sectors: A political documentary meant to sway public opinion away from the Alien Sectors.
  • Roswell: 50th anniversary: A 1997 history documentary recapping advances in Votan rights over fifty years.


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