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"These extraterrestrials do not come in peace."

Long ago, an alien species known only as the Travelers discovered a galaxy known as the Teggedon Spiral. In that galaxy, the Travelers discovered a sapient species known as humanity. For reasons known only to them, the Travelers transplanted humanity throughout the galaxy and left as suddenly as they came. Some hundred millennia later, these humans seeded on other worlds began their own interstellar civilizations...

...And began warring among themselves for galactic domination!

It is now the 51st century of the Xaronese Era, the galaxy is torn asunder by the Galactic War. At stake is supreme dominion over all the human races. Who will survive this war of carnage, conquest, and dread? Find out in—THE TEGGEDON SPIRAL CHRONICLES!


Characters Locations Science Society and culture Technology History

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