Eons ago, humanity evolved in a distant galaxy and later colonized the Teggedon Spiral. For reasons unknown, this high technology culture collapsed and reduced the humans of the Teggedon Spiral to pre-technological barbarism. In time, humanity redeveloped civilizations on many worlds and eventually forged star empires of their own. The galaxy eventually became dominated by fourteen galactic powers that have aligned themselves with one of two competing blocs. Many believed that if these blocs went to war against each other, the galaxy would face devastation the likes of which it has never seen...

...The war did come.

Now, the Teggedon Spiral is embroiled in a terrible Galactic War. The powers of the League Militant and the powers of the Axis Pact wage their battles throughout the galaxy to subjugate all who stand in their way of total galactic conquest. This is a tale of tyrants and conquerors, liberators and prophets, the saved and the damned. Who will survive these terrifying and terrific times? Find out here in—THE TEGGEDON SPIRAL CHRONICLES!


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