Eons ago, humans were transplanted across the Teggedon Spiral by an alien race known as the Primordial. Eventually, these humans developed interstellar civilizations in their own right. The space states are on a scale simply unfathomable for single-planet civilizations where billions live in unparallelled grandeur and prosperity...

...And trillions more live nasty, brutish, and (for the fortunate) short lives.

It is the 78th century of the Xaronese Era and the 11th century of the People's Revolutionary Calendar. The Teggedon Spiral is torn apart by the terrible Galactic War between the Xaronese Celestial Empire, the United Federation of People's Democratic Republics, and their respective allies. At stake is galactic domination and perhaps even continued survival. This is an age where strength is paramount, hatred is a virtue, and power is an ends unto itself. Who will survive this titanic clash of wills known as—THE TEGGEDON SPIRAL CHRONICLES!


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