These dates and histories are based on the limited knowledge of society before the Nuclear War


Before 1946AD

  • 1861
    • Civil War on American Continent begins and ends; Union victory
  • 1914
    • First World War begins
  • 1918
    • First World War Ends; victory to Allied Forces
  • 1939
    • Second World War begins
  • 1945
    • Second World War ends; Axis victory


Before 2000AD

Before 2100AD

  • 2004
    • United States invades Iraq
  • 2012
    • America withdraws from Iraq
  • 2072
    • USA invades Russian nuclear missile base in Alaska
    • USA begins mass-production of Fallout Shelters in all states


Before 2126AD

  • 2100
    • 25-year nuclear armistice signed between USA and People’s Republic
  • 2125
    • Citizens enter Fallout Shelters
    • Nuclear War begins
    • Nuclear War ends; inconclusive victory


After 2126AD

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