Nations on American continent in 4000AD depicting sites of nuclear bombardment


In 2433AD, Humanity entered a war now known as the Holokaustos Conflict. The war, which ended on the day it began, was characterized by the rapid, haphazard launching on nuclear missiles upon almost all industrial nations. Many American entered Fallout Shelters to protect them from the effects of nuclear winter and nuclear fallout. For nearly 4 hours, massive weapons of unbelievable destruction penetrated the Earth's surface and all but destroyed civilized life. It is known that 44 nuclear weapons detonated on American soil; 37% of which were launched east of the Mississippi River. Following the war, the earth entered a dark age. When nuclear radiation levels fell below danger levels, the Fallout Shelters were automatically opened from the outside. By this time, many of the Shelters' residents were only descendants of those who lived during the Conflict. Almost all of civilization had been forgotten. The first Fallout Shelter opened on 2498AD, in what is nowadays the California Republic. Every single fallout shelter opened before 2700AD, however many of the fallout shelters on the east coast contained only corpses as the amount of time it took for radiation to recede to normal levels had long outlasted the number of food rations. The remnants of America began the overwhelming task of building a new life. The naivety of those who had been locked in shelters all their lives had caused many to die in the harshness of post-nuclear America. Small settlements were established and the California Republic was founded in 2563AD. The only written documents that survived were those that were protected by the shelters. The dark age, which continued into the third millennium, was a time of very little literacy. the rareness of documents had dropped the literacy rate to 13%. Many of these 13% of people lived in the California Republic, where relatively little nuclear bombs had been dropped. In 2802AD, New Texas was formed, followed by Colorado in 3001AD. The dark age ended in 3010AD, when members from each "nation" agreed to the Preservation of Society Initiative. This Initiative resulted in the Nuclear Rebirth. The rebirth was an attempt to humanize humans. Schools were created. Solid Governments were established. technology improved, allowing access to paper, metal and other necessities. The Harsh Lands and the Uncivilized Territory are rampant with loosely-affiliated tribes and mutants, who occasionally attack civilized outposts. Nowadays, America is a place of growing promise. Displays of normalcy have reestablished themselves, although only a very small percentage of life before the Conflict is known as fact. The three nations engage in war and politics and foliage has begun to spring from desolate soils. It is the year 4000AD.

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