Founded 23rd century XE
Dissolved 2697 XE
Capital Nassan, Prantilles
Official Language Prantillish
Type of government confederation
Head of state Chief Archon of the High Council
Legislature Confederation Assembly
Judiciary Supreme Court of the Prantillomite Confederacy

The Prantillomite Confederacy was an interstellar state founded in the 23rd century XE. Although it was ostensibly an alliance of equal and sovereign states, the Prantillomite Confederacy was in fact a group of client-states ruled by the Prantillomites and their overwhelming economic might. Although the Prantillomites were initially allied to the Holy Xaronese Empire, the Confederacy's clandestine support of the Mycelerian Order-State during the Mycelerian War caused irreparable damage to Xaronese-Prantillomite relations. These ill feelings culminated in the Prantillomite Wars which ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Prantillomite Confederacy.

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