A sinister space station known as the White Fang.

An endless war...== ...Rages on between two planets on the distant rim of the Milky Way Galaxy. Loratia, long since colonized by humans, was brutally assaulted by the alien planet Jirasko in the year 3027. Loratians grow weary of heavy taxes and an ever-increasing death toll as they combat the powerful race of Jira. But hope has arrived, in the form of one man...

The Prince of Justice

A fifteen-year-old boy, Malachi Lemont was born with unmatched psychic abilities. He knows your thoughts, fears, and dreams before you know of them yourself. Unfortunately, the government wants him. Perhaps if he agrees to be used as a weapon, the war can finally be won...

...But his brother disagrees.

Zach Lemont, age 13, has never had a secret in his life. His brother knows everything; he knows nothing. And when Malachi is swept away to lead the Loratian armies to victory, Zach finds himself well as a traitor. Soon he finds himself in the grasp of the beastly Jira, forced to choose between his brother, his nation, and his own life. The year is 3134...and the clock is ticking.

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