Professor Wilder is one of the first major antagonists of the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. He was one of the major generals of the Monster Empire and the leader of Aviva, Viper, and Violet that were in his fortress. Unfortunately, he was killed shortly after his defeat from Nathan Legend.

Character Outline

Wilder wears a white lab coat, but has messy black hair and a thin beard making him look a devil.


Wilder Arc

When the Monster Empire had heard about a number of failures happening in Rebel City, Professor Wilder sent some of his creatures there to capture some citizen hoping to have some strong experiments. Unfortunately, the creatures were forced to retreat by the combined efforts of Nathan Legend, Lucas Rush, Serena Thorne, and Dimitri Stone. He only succeeded in capturing a few people, including Mark Jackson as one of them.

When the Wilder Fortress was being invaded by Nathan and company to rescue Mark, Wilder had his team to capture them for experiments. He had Aviva take down Nathan and Luke when they got to the top floor of the fortress. However, Nathan reminded Aviva that she was Winona Dove after seeing her face. Wilder injured Winona and cut her wings off when he thought she had failed him, but this caused Nathan to forget his cowardice for the first time in battle to defend Winona from any further harm. Wilder used many types of weapons that would've even killed Nathan, but Nathan used his father's goggles (which was actually the Trace Visor) to find Wilder's weak spot and defeated him. Wilder ordered a self-destruction of the fortress so he can be the true victor and escaped from the explosion using a secret exit. Unfortunately, he was killed by an unknown being after a while he escaped from the fortress.

Powers and Abilities

Genius Intellect: Wilder is skilled in biology and knows how to alter anyone's DNA to transform him or her into a chimera. Also he knows what areas of a body to aim for to kill someone.

Razor Claws: Wilder is also skilled fighter with his Razor Claws to attack any of his foes (which are strong enough to cut through iron). Combine with his intelligence inn biology, he knows what parts of his foe to slash which gives him a high chance of an instant kill.

Main Article: Vacuum Gun

As one of the high ranking members of the Monster Empire, Wilder possesses the Vacuum Gun (one of the Mystical Artifacts) which sucks up air and releases it in one blast.

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