In 2297 AD, Humanity began its first ever civilian Space project that was planned in 2261 AD and was finally under construction in 2273 AD. The First colony that they built to begin was called Colony A1 or otherwise called Aquarius City. After its major success, in 2309, they began construction on 11 other cities to orbit around the Mars Colony. Each followed as such:

Colony A2 - Pisces City

Colony A3 - Arieopolis

Colony A4 - Taurustadt

Colony A5 - Gemini

Colony A6 - Cancer City

Colony A7 - Leonus

Colony A8 - Virgon

Colony A9 - Librapolis

Colony B1 - Scorpion

Colony B2 - Sagittarious City

Colony B3 - Capricorna

A2 is a civilian colony ruled over by the mayor Jonathan Dawson. A3 is a Defensive colony designed to eliminate asteroids and other heavenly bodies. Ruled by the Admiral Lawrence Taylor. A4 is a military base set in space to become the dispatcher in wars and times of trouble. It is ruled by Gregory Palmer. A5 is a what we would call "sin city". It is a giant amusment park ruled by Mayor Eugene Fredrickson. A6 is a Medical facility ruled by Professor Neil Jordan. A7 is a military/civilian facility and is ruled by Leonardo "the lion" Kingston. A8 is a religious center in space and was specifically designed for civliazation to flourish under the christian Church. A9 is an Abandoned colony as of 2337. B1 is a Civilian Colony ruled by the President of the space colonies, President Zachary Collins. B2 is a Civilian Colony ruled by Mayor Theodore Armstrong. B3 is ruled by Emos 3, an android who became the first ever android to be mayor. A1 is the most important part of the colony, but sadly it was to be under construction for 100 years. The current head of the project is Mayor Helaman Berryman.

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