Project Muto is a highly-classified project by the Neotech Corporation, which involves the hybridization of animal species for a variety of uses.


In 1968, Neotech scientists tracked a meteor that crashed near one of their facilities. It turned out that the meteor contained a large fragment of a Lunus. For the next twenty years, heavy research is placed upon the cosmic artifact. While most of the data collected was unusable due to humanity's technological limitations, a promising find came about from the effects on biological matter from the Lunus' energy. The energy was able to enforce the fusion of cells, including those of different species. And thus, Project Muto was born.

Project Muto was carried out in a remote island in the Pacific, to ensure maximum secrecy and containment of biological specimens. However, an unknown disaster caused Neotech to lose control over the island and the creations to wreak havoc.


Using the Lunus fragment, Neotech produced a hundred species of hybrid creatures. Since the hybrids were still animals, they were moved from containment chambers and placed in specified outdoor enclosures to encourage natural behavior for research, and prevented casualties brought on by stress and lack of natural needs. After Neotech lost control, the hybrids formed their own ecosystem.

This list comprises the confirmed species Neotech had created:

  • AS-24: Half-shark, half-anaconda. Only one specimen bred.
  • RB-70: Half-rhinoceros, half-beetle. Multiple specimens bred.
  • WC-57: Half-wolf, half-chimpanzee. One pack bred and kept under quarantine.
  • CF-44: Half-cobra, half-frog. Multiple specimens bred.
  • OC-17: Half-ostrich, half-chicken. Eight specimens bred.
  • OA-93: Half-octopus, half-alligator. One specimen bred.
  • PDW-68: Hybridization of piranha, Tasmanian devil and wolverine. Multiple specimens bred. Intended replacement for WC-57.
  • MC-105: Half-mantid, half-chameleon. Specimens kept under quarantine. Intended for euthanization.
  • HP-102: Half-horse, half-pangolin. Multiple specimens bred.
  • ME-99: Half-mole, half-elephant. Multiple specimens bred.
  • VL-87: Half-vulture, half-lobster. Multiple specimens bred.
  • GB-10: Half-gecko, half-bat. Multiple specimens bred.
  • TRM-32: Part-tiger beetle, part-roadrunner, part-mouse. Multiple specimens bred.
  • EPA-90: Part-electric eel, part-planarian, part-axolotl. Ten specimens bred. Used for power generation.
  • TV-08: Half-tiger, half-velvet worm. Multiple specimens bred.

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