Political information
Founding document

546 BTC


Divine Scripts and Intelligence Protocols


Admiral X

Societal information

Intelligence Center, Romus

Official language

Latin, English, Harmonian

Historical information
Date of establishment

548 BTC

The Providence is a interstellar intelligence agency under control of the Terran Theocracy.

The Providence is feared by the populace although is not a dangerous entity.


The mission of the Providence is to covertly acquire information from both enemies and allies, evaluate that data and create interpolated statistics of the galactic community.

In cases in which increased secrecy and/or restrictions occur and these statistics are failed to be created, the covert use of deep space telescopes are used to peer into neighborhing territory.


The Providence was founded in 548 BTC when the first dangers came in from the Heretics. Until it was certain espionage should be used, the Providence was used to monitor its civilians for actici

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