Venus globe

Venus, the home of the Pyrobots.

The Pyrobots (Veneranthropus sapiens cyberneticus) are a race of humanoid cybernetic aliens with peaceful relations to humans. They are one of two races, the other race being the Magma Surfers. Their homeworld is Venus. Their greatest leaders were once researchers. They have more than two genders, which makes everything rather complex. They worship the human race as their gods. Their leader is JH-92, or Hercules, as he calls himself.


They appear like reddish-greenish skinned humans with an extra eye at the center of their forehead, and a robotic arm and a robotic leg. But they walk rather like a normal human.


The Pyrobots have a unique history, and Venus was able to develop life and civilization at a much shorter time frame than the Earth. An evil race, the Star Zombies, tried to invade Venus, but the Pyrobots teamed up with the human race to kill off the Star Zombies. The Pyrobots look forward to peaceful relations with humans.

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