Qli Grilo (pronounced klee-grel-oh) (born 2199) is a known Belter rebel and rumored commander-in-chief of the remaining Belter military apparatus. Grilo was a major influence in Belter circles, as the Belter government fell on Mars, he continued fighting, delaying the EDS ground troops, affording him enough time to flee the planet.


Grilo was born on Mars, a low-gravity environment, which proved detrimental to Grilo's physical development making weak. But what he couldn't make up in physical strength, he made up for in mental agility. EDS guidelines prohibited his enlistment into the EDS Peacekeeper Corps. Instead he studied hard, attending Carl Sagan University and became an academic of Martian fame. As he grew older in his 30s during the late 2230s, he heard of the first manned mission to Saturn taking place. This began to annoy Grilo. His writings quickly changed to manifestos regarding Martian idealism and a call to indepedence. The Belters took to the concept immediately.

Grilo in the original TV series

Grilo during the 1980s television series was a primary antagonist with little or no background and was evil for the sake being evil.

Grilo as featured in the new film series

Grilo's character was retconned in the new film series. He was given a motive, a means and a solution. The new film covers his actions during and after the Belt Wars, which lead to life of opposition to the Global Oversight Comittee and launching a wave of terror.

Which began with the destruction of a He-3 fuel refinery in the upper atmosphere of Saturn. Where Bree Crose was sent to target him and stop him before he could strike again. Crose and her team pursued Qli to Argo Navis, an immense space station orbiting between the gulf of space that divided Titan and Saturn. An informant on Argo Navis directly the team to a derelict freighter called The Ides of March, where it was revealed that Grilo was smuggling bodies for the purpose of organlegging.

Eventually, Grilo is successfully found aboard his ship, the Biko, but the crew do not succeed in apprehend him. Until he is followed down into the atmosphere of Saturn. Where he and EDS commander Crose engage in a cat and mouse game until Crose fortunately assassinates Grilo.

Three years later, many of Grilo's followers want to kill Crose.

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