The Quatrain universe is a military sci-fi story that takes place in the 71st century, specifically 7043.

After a series of meteor collisions after a factory on the moon blows up, tens of millions are dead. Major Atoll is dispatched to the Terran Orders top secret High-tech military science station orbiting in Jupiter atmosphere. He is informed that recently in France the 23 lost Quatrains of Nostradomus, but all of them describe a series of horrific ebemts which will occur in 7043 which will signal the Anti-christs arrival. They also have discovered other species (8) have had Nostradomuses in their ancient past.

The next week is a combination of primordial machines coming alive, discoveries of ancient wars, and other incredible and horrifying things.


  • Technology
  • Characters
  • Species
  • Planets
  • Major Events
  • Timeline

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