Rachel is the first female member of the Morphers. She serves as the second-in- command of the team. She is the most caring member of the team.


Rachel was born of June 26,1986. When she was


At the start of the series, Rachel is portrayed as a girly girl, who often thinks that fighting isn't right unless it is done for a good purpose. As a result, she is often seen by the other Morphers as inferior and often underestimated. In Framed, when Adam creates a clone of her, the clone has the opposite personality of Rachel, being tomboyish and aggressive. Despite her inferior status, she matures throughout the series, as she became more serious during her battles against Adam and Cain.

Relationship with the other Morphers

Rueben- At the start of the series, Rachel thought of Rueben as strict student who never has time to have fun. Throughout the series, she shows genuine care to Rueben, as shown in Siding, where she shows concern when she discovers that Rueben is working for Adam. She often argues with Rueben over the farmer's strict orders and is the only to stand up for him. Despite their disagreements

Nick- Nick and Rachel are often on sometimes good, sometimes bad relationship with one another.

Caleb- At the start of the series, the two of them aren't particularly close. In Contact, Rachel states she only knew Caleb by memory. As time went on, the two would bond together

Noah- Rachel and Noah are often neutral to each other. However, the relationship between the two are one of the weakest in the series.

Morphs used

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