The hometown of most of the story's protagonists and a few of the antagonists lived in the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. People outside the city have known this place as the first city to have been built to rebel against the Monster Empire. Some people may have refer to this city as "the city without courage" as most of the citizens are too scared to go outside. People have thought that Rebel City was used to hide from the Monster Empire, but in reality this place was built by the Monster Empire to use the people living there as experiments without having anyone to alert GEM. Rebel City looks like a wasteland with almost everything in the city have been damaged from demons and other natural disasters. The mayor of the city didn't bother to do anything to fix anything, since he says the money should be used for the city's security (though once every 6-8 months demons managed to get inside the city and around 10 people were missing).


Warrior's Awakening Arc

A while after Serena Thorne came to Rebel City, she used her money to hire some construction workers to reconstruct an eighth of the city (much to the A's chargin'). There were some new apartment buildings for decent living, malls to shop for some new clothes, and stores to buy some food or appliances.

Wilder Arc

Since the mayor was late for getting some test subjects for Professor Wilder, he sent alot of monsters to attack the city. He succeeded in capturing a few people (one which is Mark Jackson), but most of the monsters were destroyed by Nathan Legend, Serena Thorne, and Dimitri Stone.

Controllers Arc

A was heard to have been working for the Monster Empire and was kidnapped by the student council. Nathan and Serena brought back some materials used for a project to help Rebel City. The hover and jet stones were used to turn Rebel City into a sky city to keep away the Monster Empire and GEM to truly live up to its' name. R was then elected as the new city's leader while A was thrown outside the city and captured by GEM.

City Council

  • A (current mayor)
  • R (former mayor)
  • B (aide)


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