Redeye, born Flint Scarlet, is an Icarus who was turned immortal, in age only, in an explosion in 1983. His primary objective is to seek out renegade Icarus and various monsters, and contain and study them. However, he is forced to fight those deemed too dangerous to release.


Redeye is yet to appear in the series, but is said to be ruthless to his enemies.


To be added later

Role in the Series

He is confirmed to be a major antagonist in book three, although not much more is known....


  • Redeye is based on a short story, written by the same author. Is this story, he is a vampire hunter.
  • His eyes are not actually red at all; they are blue. The way he got his name is due to an accident where he had acid thrown at his eyes. In reaction, he smashed a glass test tube and stabbed the other boy it the eyes with the fragments.
  • His birthday, surprisingly, is September the 19th, 1961, the first time a Grey Alien was reported.

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