Reflex is the third book in the Morphers series.


When Nicholas starts slacking in his Morpher duties, Rueben tells him to quit the Morphers if he cannot fight the Organisms. Will Nicholas be able to master his morphing abilities or not?


Two weeks after the Morphers' encounter with Adam, the group decides to train their new found abilities every day after school . However, Nicholas is having hard time sensing Rueben and Caleb's attacks. Rueben tells him to concentrate on his training. After several failed attempts, Nicholas decides to leave and hang out with old friends. At Adam's hideout, Adam plans to create Organisms that can morph like the Morphers and orders an Organisms to eliminate the Morphers.

Nicholas meets up with his two former friends, Paul and Timothy at a video arcade. Paul and Timothy asks Nicholas what has he been doing lately and why he isn't with them for a long time. Nicholas lies to his friends by telling them that he had been studying with his new friends and that he must keep it a secret. Soon, a group of Organisms attack the city. Nicholas tries to attack them, but is beaten due to his lack of strength and the Organisms' speed. During the attack, Paul and Timothy are injured during the process. The other Morphers arrive in time to fight the Organisms, but are no match and were barely able to escape in time.

At Rueben's house, Rueben scolds Nicholas for abandoning his training. He tells them that as Morphers, he should stay away from his past friends and relatives in order to protect his secret and tells him to quit being a Morphers if he cannot master his strength tomorrow. Nicholas leaves and decides to train by himself and decides not to talk to his old friends until the battle is over. Nick then decides to train by himself.

The next week, an Organism disguised as a Colonel unleashes his army of Organisms, laying waste to the city. The four Morphers arrive to battle for a while, but Nicholas arrives and tells the others that he is going to fight them alone. Nicholas manages to evade the Organism attacks and defeats him by using his wits, with indirect help from Rueben. Afterwards, Nicholas decides to join the Morphers and the group congratulates him for his heroic efforts.

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