Religion, far from disappearing from Human culture has been reinvigorated since the huge changes and discoveries made by humanity during the last century. Space flights, human body mods, virtual reality, and discovery of life are between the most important and significant of them.

Spirituality continues to play a role in human cultures – but is now based more on nature and physical reality, rather than myths, dogma or supernatural forces.

Traditional religions


In some European nations, the number of people considering themselves to be non-religious has increased from around 30% in 1980, to over 97% now. Although large numbers of Muslims populate the continent, a substantial portion are now only "culturally" Muslim, rather than having a literal interpretation of the Koran. Mainstream Islam had begun a reformation and modernisation in the late 2070s – aided by vast improvements in education, combined with the broad homogenisation of culture resulting from globalisation, the Internet, various international agreements and other factors.

After centuries of decline, Christianity is on the verge of disappearing from human culture. The vast majority of the humanity is now atheist, or agnostic. This same trend was witnessed in Islam at a later date.

Medical advances undermined religion as a whole, by greatly diminishing the fear of death, while developments in AI, robotics and biotechnology trivialise the miracles on which many ancient religions are based. The increasing presence of androids in society and AIs – along with other forms of sentience – is adding a whole new dimension to the way humans view themselves and their place in the Universe.

Asia and Africa still lags far behind Occident in terms of atheistic belief, however. It will be half a century before the rest of the world reaches the same level. Even then, a small percentage of citizens will continue to worship a God (or Gods). These people tend to be those who reject science and technology, or have purposefully chosen to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

New Religions

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