In 2500, the Dawn of New Century on planet Rexius was accompanied by the uprising of Rexor Robotics Corporation. RRC's president, former war hero Garek Dunford of IsoPire Star Militia, proclaimed, "We are Rexor Robotics Corporation - Taking Care of The Future! We will do all the jobs and you can sit back and relax. WE ARE THE FUTURE!" Unknown to the citizens of Rexius, RRC began working on obscene robotic experiments, transforming war captives from other star systems into robotic warriors fit to destroy other empires. They did not know because RRC established a headquarters on Genelah. The factories and headquarters on Rexius were just decoys to distract them from the other works they were doing.

RRC proceeded to destroy every other race in the galaxy. Rexius and the entire human population of the Adromtion Star System never experienced raids or attacks because RRC destroyed every race before any communication with them could be established. The only survivors were the prisoners they took to transform into half-machines. The RRC is determined to reach The Core, the name for the Center of the Galaxy, where legend tells tales of the ultimate weapon.

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