"This bastard's the only guy I know who can take a box of scraps and turn it into a fucking warp engine."
Monaxus e Britaxis Dakar

Prince Rhexis e Gothixus e Daizojixus tal Hazred, nicknamed the Mad Engineer, was the chief engineer of the space battlecruiser Oriflamme during the Galactic War. Although he was a prince of the powerful Kingdom of Hazred, Rhexis had little patience for the social conventions common to someone of his station. The prince, like many in his family, had an interest in the occult. He was often heard to mumble incantations under his breath whenever he was at work.

Family and ancestry

Prince Rhexis tal Hazred was a prince of the House of Hazred. As a result, he was related to most of the upper class of the Holy Xaronese Empire. He was directly descended from Straxus the Conqueror, as was most of the great houses. Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar was his third cousin on his mother's side and a seventh cousin on his father's side.

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