The Ridge World is a planet orbiting Alpha Omega, an M-type star.

It is the home of the Vandals, a big, tough, and brutish alien race whose behavioral attributes are the destruction/spoiling of anything beautiful/venerable.



4 billion years prior to the appearance of the Vandals, the Ridge World was a cold desolate planet similar to Pluto. Its parent star, Alpha Omega, was a newborn star, and it did not shine very bright.


Almost 5,800 years ago, in the 40th Century TY, the Vandals came into existence from the oceans of the Ridge World, in the year TY 3994.

The Humans were not okay with the spreading of vandalism to the Solar System, which the Vandals did. Later, the 5-day Human-Vandal war began, and lasted for only 5 days.

Early history

3,000 years ago, Human scientists found evidence of population on the Ridge World prior to the Vandals' appearance.

Modern history

Current year (TY 9794)

On 5 January TY 9794, the Vandals arrived on Earth and drew pictures all over buildings on Earth, and most of the Vandals were exiled on the Sun.

10 thousand years from now (TY 19794)

Ten thousand years from TY 9794, the Vandals will begin a decline to extinction, and later go extinct.

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