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"Don't be fooled by Rojixus tal Shiar's brash and pompous nature, the man is as insidious as nerve gas."
—Hinnrad Berao Perun

Rojixus e Thraxus e Seijixus tal Shiar, also known as the Demon Prince of Nyx, was an officer in the Imperial Xaronese Navy during the Galactic War. The prince was a man of many talents who was an accomplished swordsman, equestrian, pilot, racer, and engineer.

Early years

Prince Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar was born on Hallusar, on 16 Horse 4000 XE. He was the son of Prince Thraxus tal Shiar and Princess Alarixa tal Solon. Rojixus tal Shiar believed from at an early age that he was specifically chosen by the gods for some special destiny.

Academy years

Rojixus tal Shiar began attending the Imperial Naval Academy in 4016 XE. His near-supernatural confidence and bearing earned him a following among the other cadets, although the instructors were less than impressed with the haughty and conniving prince. One instructor in particular, Sarumaxes tal Morregon, made it his goal to teach Rojixus some modicum of humility. Although Rojixus remained as prideful as ever, he began to respect Morregon and even saw him as a mentor. At the same time, Rojixus befriended Sarumaxes' son, Solixus tal Morregon.

In his first year at the academy, Rojixus had a vicious rivalry with fellow cadet Ryarvixus tal Tarquin. Like Rojixus, Ryarvixus tal Tarquin was highly intelligent and was not afraid to let others know it. As a result, the two began to hate each other almost from the minute they met. Any gain made by the other was viewed as a provocation and met with increased hostility. The two often fought with words or fists until one such fight ended in tragedy.

Hallusarian Theater

When the Galactic War broke out in 4025, Rojixus tal Shiar immediately requested and received a transfer to a command assignment on the front lines. He was assigned to command the 666th LSAC Squadron with Solixus tal Morregon as his second in command.

Operation Revenant

In 4042, Rojixus tal Shiar was forced to confront his erstwhile mentor once it was known Sarumaxes tal Morregon had indeed defected to the United Technates Federation and declared himself emperor of a restored Selukarian Empire. The possibility of a full-blown Selukarian rebellion was a dreadful prospect to the Holy Xaronese Emperor and his government. Operation Revenant was immediately implemented to combat Morregon's rebel forces. Rojixus' grandfather, Seijixus tal Shiar, was chosen to command the naval forces of the expedition. Rojixus himself was hand-picked by his grandfather to take part in the operation. To sweeten the deal, Rojixus was given command of the space battlecruiser Oriflamme.


Rojixus tal Shiar was a highly charismatic and manipulative individual who believed he was simply above the rules. Only his high social status, quick thinking, and silver tongue spared him from facing harsh repercussions for his actions. Although his public persona was polite and affable, Rojixus tal Shiar had very few close friends as he believed his intelligence isolated him from normal people. He was also very fearful of being manipulated in the same way he manipulated others and as a result was highly secretive.

Awards and decorations

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