Romance of the Five Kingdoms was a near-ancient compilation of writings during the feudal stages of the Nitomians before the modern age began. It was focused primarily around the five primary kingdoms on Nitomia's surface, spanning roughly thirty years of the era that lasted for more than ten times that. The five kingdoms engage in diplomacy, battle and other techniques to singlehandedly conquer and control the "known world" at the time. Although a conspiracy shrouds the author of these writings, many Nitomians believe that Mer'u H'juli was the true writer of the sacred pages, although even this widely-believed legend has been doubted in increased feverity.

Act I: War of the Kingdoms

The year is 5916 BGC. The five kingdoms - M'edev, C'revem, Kul'iem, Neretene, and Lu'liyo, are all in a bitter multi-sided civil war for control of the known world. The largest - Kul'iem - commands an army of hundreds of thousands against the smaller yet resilient states. The smallest state, C'revem, is close to being completely wiped out by the kingdom of Neretene.

The kingdom of Lu'liyo - that which the writing primarily takes place - is a medium-sized entity that claims, as all other kingdoms do, to be the only true Nitomian kingdom. Having been established a thousand years ago, they have the advantage of carrying the prestige as oldest of the five kingdoms as well. They command a large army that, albeit having won many battles before, are poorly equipped and poorly trained. A man at the age of 23 - Klik're Nud'rem - is taken from the streets and conscripted into the army of Lu'liyo. After proving above average results in the training camp, Klik're is then transferred to the officer's academy of Lu'liyo. Graduating two years later, at 25 he was given the command of 6,000 troops to guard one of the many major cities in Lu'liyo territory, Vegey'l. After weeks of a seemingly boring stationing, Lu'liyo's archenemy, M'edev, have managed to swipe aside all standing armies and had an army numbering over 18,000 marching on Vegey'l.

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