SHRR was the acronym for a sophisticated top-secret project created by the United Earth Government shortly after the First War of Continuation. SHRR stood for Sophisticated Human Replication and Reanimation, a cloning project designed to replace the devastating manpower losses after the First War.

The project was begun with the task of replacing the losses in men and women after the First War of Continuation - nearly 100 million people - in the event that another devastating war broke out in the future. Early months and years in the project lead to failure after failure, almost leading to the project being shut down. Lead by Lieutenant General Steven Harrison, the project somewhat successfully managed to produce a batch of human clones, but due to complications they aged three times as fast as a normal human. Despite this, this batch fought bravely during the early years of the Second War of Continuation.



Human Cloning was not a new idea when the project was created just months after the very costly First War of Continuation. However, upon the creation of the rule-bending military-based project, scientists knew very little of how to clone organisms. Several tests had been undergone with the cloning of volunteer civilians and non-military personnel in the early 2300s, which lead to disaster with the unknown and unexpected deaths of several test subjects and the permanent injuries of many more.

However, one scientist made a breakthrough when the project was in the talks of being dismantled. He successfully managed to clone a dead marine's frozen body, albeit the clone itself was dead. However, it had been born in it's baby state. Many of the other scientists in the organization began experimenting with different possibilities of cloning.

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