"The Spiral isn't big enough for the both of us, one of us has to go. I think we both knew that on a subconscious level; it's why we're always testing each other, to see how we both measure up. This war is just the final test."
Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar

Duke Sarumaxes e Saitoraxes e Quencillivixis tal Morregon, also known as the Prince of Pirates or the Emperor of Fools, was a Selukarian admiral who attempted to revive the Selukarian Empire during the Galactic War. Sarumaxes tal Morregon, a descendant of the last Selukarian Emperor, believed he was passed over several promotions in the Imperial Xaronese Navy because he was a Selukarian. The extremely prideful Morregon defected to the United Technates Federation and established the Selukarian Imperial Court-in-Exile to strike back at the Xaronese. Morregon's personal war came to an end at the hands of his former student, Prince Rojixus tal Shiar, at the Battle of the Maelstrom when his flagship plummeted into the Typhon Maelstrom.

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