Second Era of Humanity

2080s - Microsoft goes into military software and unmanned fighter planes industry.

2108 - The Space-Elevator is christened. Big construction projects are planned, including new space stations, and huge Orion nuke-propelled spacecraft that are to be used for the colonization of the solar system.

2200s - Vast solar-system colonization. Bases and closed-environment cities built on most suitable bodies in the solar system. Migration and tourism to extraterrestrial settlements gains in popularity.

2323 - The Nomad 3 interstellar probe is the first artificial object to ever reach Proxima Centauri and transmit a compressed laser message to Earth.

2326 - The signal from Nomad 3 is recieved. At that time more probes are already on the way to other neighbouring systems.

2400s - The plans that were meticulously prepared throughout the entire previous century are finally carried out - huge spaceships, carrying thousands of passengers frozen in cryogenic holding cells, are accelerated to a speed very close to the speed of light (around 90%), heading toward stars that were probed beforehand and found suitable for colonization.

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