Seijixus e Fenrixus e Ragnaraxes tal Shiar, also known as the Ice Prince, was an officer in the Imperial Xaronese Navy during the Galactic War. A serious and stoic man, Seijixus tal Shiar valued order and discipline and lived only for the advancement of House Shiar. His strict disposition earned him few friends and left him estranged from his firstborn son, Thraxus tal Shiar.

Early Life

Seijixus e Fenrixus tals Shiar was born in Khet'Xaron in 4989 XE. His father, Fenrixus tal Shiar, was a hedonistic dissipate who spent his days taking drugs and going to orgies. Seijixus resolved at an early age to never follow his father's example. In 5001 XE, Fenrixus tal Shiar died under mysterious circumstances.

Personality and traits

Prince Seijixus was to most people a cold and demanding perfectionist who had no use for compassion or any human weaknesses. However, to those he cared for, Seijixus tal Shiar could be somewhat less harsh and was slightly more friendly.

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