Serva falls under many genres of Sci-Fi, and its actually pretty difficult to pick just one. But, at its core, it is a 'Space Opera', in the same spotlight as Star Trek or Star Wars. However, Serva is 'harder' than these universes, with more emphasis on trying to stick as realistically close to actual scientific fact as possible. (It helps that numerous discoveries have been made since Star Wars and Star Trek were in their formative years)

Along with being 'hard', Serva has some elements from dystopia or "grimdark" works. The galaxy in Serva is, generally, a terrible place to live, with the exception of a few worlds - and even those aren't exactly ideal by the standards of some.

Contributing to this dystopia are elements of cyberpunk works. Serva is a world of high technology, and it is often misused.

So, in short, Serva is a hard scifi space opera with cyberpunk and dystopia influences and elements.

- more to come -

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