General Information



Synthetic organism



Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height

14' 3"

Average Weight


Skin Colors


Eye Colors

Vibrant red/crimson red

Abilities Information
Societal Information
Common Affiliations


OOC Information

Pyro Python

Alternative Names: Guardians
Population: Unknown
Plane: TBA
Domain: TBA
Kingdom: TBA
Phylum: TBA
Classs: TBA
Order: TBA
Family: TBA
Genus: TBA
Species: TBA
Subspecies: TBA
Trinomial Name

Servians (more commonly referred to as guardians) are an artificial species created by genetically modifying an embryo of an unknown species. Unlike their supposed ancestor species, this species is sterile but appears to live indefinitely. Their creation is assumed to be to guard their creators' property, hence the name Guardians.

Physical Description

The species appears as grey or white, with vibrant, red eyes and are over 14 feet in height. The head has an elongated skull and generally features 3 spikes around the lips, 2 point downwards, nearer the sides, plus a central spike pointing upwards. From below the jaw, the body divides into long tentacles ending in large claws, generally ranging between 12 and 16, while the tentacles are spread outward, servians are able to thrust through the air the same way a squid does through water.

A more humanoid form to this species is possible, the tentacles twist around eachother in usually equal numbers to form equally thick limbs, with arms almost reaching the ground, and usually counting 2 to 3 digits, which is the same as the feet. To form a large torso, the few clawless tentacles fold back roughly halfway to help build up a larger and sturdier torso.

Behavioural Description

Servians, being the guards by design, will usually only attack when given good reason, which it will likely consider as tresspassing, however they are also easily angered in other ways. Unless highly enraged, they are unlikely to stray too far from their post, any individual who wanders to their post, even other Servians on occassion, is likely to be savaged by the creature(s).

As they are even intolerable to their own kind, Servians are generally solitary in their duty, however, it is possible to find two or more guarding together, the presumption being they were ordered to guard together, which may indicate what is guarded is very valuable. When in situations where they work together, they will not behave in a very social manner, but will attack together in a relentless fashion and will aid each other if possible.

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