Six principalities
Six Principalities
Political information
Type of government

Confederated principalities

Founding document

Charter of the Outer Territories and the Principalities


Charter of the Outer Territories and the Principalities

Head of State

Prince of Zhorra

Executive branch

Confederated Council of Princes

Legislative branch

Confederated Council of Princes

Societal information

None; de-facto Zhorra

Official language


Historical information
Formed from

Outer systems and territories of the Kingdom of Urilia

Date of establishment

February 2, 1476

Date of dissolution


The Six Confederated Principalities of the Outer Territories, more commonly referred to as simply the Six Principalities, was a confederation of six principalities (realms controlled by a prince, acting as monarch) lying on the edge of Royal Urilian Space after 1488. The six separate principalities, though technically ruled by their own different heads of state, were allied through common defense and trade, primarily against any incursions from the Kingdom of Urilia.

The Six Principalities were officially formed on February 2, 1476, when seventeen governors of the outer systems declared independence from the Kingdom of Urilia, citing grievances against the reigning King Absentia II and his perceived detrimental rule. The following twelve years encompassed the War of the Six Princes, effectively the first civil war to befall the Kingdom of Urilia. The governors gave to the six sons of Absentia - Uoreal, Khar, Ghatanis, Scataro, Reid, and Taralde - all of their resources and military might, supporting Prince Uoreal's claim to the throne (him being the eldest of the six, and therefore the Crown Prince). Though, by the end of the war, the six princes and their allied governors were unable to press their claims to dethrone King Navitas (who had succeeded his brother upon his death in 1480), the Kingdom was in no position to enforce re-annexation, and therefore was forced to give total independence to all rebelling systems.

The founding document of the Principalities, named the Charter of the Outer Territories and the Principalities, was penned on February 15, 1476, written primarily by the six princes and their closest aides. It established the total rule of the six princes in their respective principalities, and that the fate of the confederation lay in the joint decisions of the royal sons. Surprisingly, throughout the centuries following the War of the Six Princes, the six principalities remained strong allies with little, if any, bickering between the princes. Despite being very distant relatives by the beginning of the last civil war in 1965 by King Hasdrada IV (later Emperor Hasdrada I), the princes still held strong to the belief of an undying brotherhood between the peoples of the six realms.

The original six princes are as follows:

  • Prince Uoreal, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Urilia, and later Prince of Zhorra
  • Prince Khar, Junior Admiral of the Royal Urilian Navy, and later Prince of Khaala
  • Prince Ghatanis, Royal Minister of the Treasury of Urilia, and later Prince of Erdin
  • Prince Scataro, Captain of the Royal Urilian Navy, and later Prince of Orfel
  • Prince Reid, Junior Colonel General of the Imperial Defense Force of Medine, and later Prince of Medine
  • Prince Taralde, Senior Colonel of the Imperial Guard Army, and later Prince of Astar

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