It is 2989, The IGA has been destroyed by a Civil War between the Non Humanoids (Which make up 75% of the IGA Population) and the Humanoids, after that the IGA let all Humans come to the Sol System, and then let the rest of the planets go......

Inside the Sol System is the 9 Planets we know of today, An Asteroid Belt (The Outer Asteroid Belt has been formed outside of it, with only the Planet X corridor to get through) has formed, And Halo rings have been put around outside of the OAB. they Sphere the Entire Sol System

Inside everything was so isloated, so unknown, that the rest of the Universe has "Forgotten" about it..... This is the begining of the Sol Alliance (Or Terran Alliance, or Earth Alliance)


The Geography of the Sol Alliance is a Diverse as the people who live within it. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, And Planet X make up the Sol Alliance. Earth, Venus, And Mars being Full "Provinces". The Rest being either "Territories" (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus) or "Colonies" (Neptune, Pluto, Planet X).


The Administration of the Sol Alliance is a Democraticly Elected Representation, But the leaders are chosen by the Representation. The Leaders so far have been-

  • Ammuel H. Gredmean 2989 - 3046
  • Jaistobn K. Likca 3046 - 3065
  • Yuri G. Beamld 3065 - 3167
  • Ligah N. Virashev 3167 -

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