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The Main Belt of the solar system is an immense cluster of asteroids that divide the inner worlds and outer worlds. The region was the primary battlefront in the Belt Wars.


Primary terrain

Thousands of rocky surfaces

Points of interest

Asimov Central on Ceres


Belter (disbanded in 2255)


111,372 inhabitants (2240 census)

Major cities

Asimov Central

Major exports

Ores, minerals, vitamins, construction material, etc


GOC occupation force

Belter ethnic group

The Main Belt asteroids have been exploited for their materials since the middle of the 21st century. Many whom chose a life of labor, hard work, and self-reliance, eventually found themselves here. In the decades that followed, the residents in the Belt began to take on their own cultural identity and a desire to be free of the "oppressive" first world nations of the GOC.

Human settlements

  1. Ceres
  2. Vesta
  3. Pallas
  4. Hygiea

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