Sol, craddle of humanity

The Solar System is the capital and home system of humanity, where almost all of its economy, military and population is concentrated. Sol produces 52% of all the He3 and 47% of the antimatter used by the human race and represents 78.3% of the human GDP.

The system is home to 13.99 billion human beings.

The following planets and moons concentrates almost all of the activities in the system:

  • Earth: 13.45 billion inhabitants producing almost 56% of all the human GDP and 71% that of the system.
  • Mars: The Bread Basket of Humanity with little more than 107 million people produces 12% of the system's GDP and 31.6% of its food.
  • Calisto & Titan: The Jupiter's and Saturn's moons with their 46 million inhabitants accounts for 70% of the military strength in the system. With many military academies, three main shipyards, two Navy's bases, 2 million soldiers stationed there and the

    Titan's Shipyards.

    complete production of weapons concentrated in Io have made the moons to get the nickname Armory of humanity.
  • Solar Stations: The Solar System is also home to 65 manned Space Stations (plus 132 VI controlled SS) with a total population of 850 thousand people. Uses goes from resort and premier housing to manufacturing and mining.
  • Moon: With a burgeoning population of 700 thousand people, the moon is the principal stop from Earth before starting long journeys throughout the system and beyond. Therefore it is one of the main producers of He3 due the high demand.
Circular space station

There are fifteen (plus 3 under construction) circular solar stations, together housing a total of more than 770 thousand people.

  • Mercury: Using solar power and almost 100 thousand colonists, the always-burning planet produces 81% of the antimatter requirements by the system.
  • Venus: Several Atmospheric Stations float all around the planet. The high density atmosphere of the planet allow these stations to float in a similar way a buoy does at sea. 81,000 people are registered on the planet's database as permanent residents.

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